The imposter and ‘as-if’ personality face a conundrum whether to hide or expose the truth of who they are.

Feelings of loss, limitation and curtailment, alienation, and obsolescence are prevalent yet concealed with glitzy persona/imposter images. Intimacy and being emotionally present are difficult. The imposter and ‘as-if’ person withdraws into phantasy. They are estranged from their true selves at the cost of their desire. The relationship to life outwardly appears 'as-if' it was complete, yet there is a haunting sense of lack and genuineness. They believe in their fraudulence. Existence is singular and they often seem narcissistic. Very possibly, we know these struggles as they are part of us.
The subjects include aging, the cultural influence of social media, the role of the father, analytical transferences, and body image. The recognition of the unconscious, a hallmark of Jungian analytical psychology, is based on incorporating the dissociated personality parts into the self. It reflects the multiplicity of the psyche and the hope for rebalancing into genuineness.

Susan E. Schwartz

Susan E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst and clinical psychologist. She is a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology. She has taught in numerous Jungian programs and presented workshops and lectures in the USA and many other countries. Susan has articles in several journals and chapters in books on Jungian analytical psychology. Her current book was published by Routledge in 2020 entitled, The Absent Father Effect on Daughters, Father Desire, Father Wounds. Her analytical private practice is in Paradise Valley, Arizona,

What you will learn

>> Identifying aspects of the imposter syndrome and the ‘as-if’ personality according to the schema of Jungian analytical psychology
>> Gaining awareness of Jungian therapeutic/analytical work with this personality type
>> Exploring analytical defenses like psychic retreat, false self, and ‘as-if’ facade
>> Expanding self-knowledge rather than pathology


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