Embracing the Wise Old Woman Archetype 

by Kathy Shimpock


"How engaging with the Wise Old Woman archetype guides us toward individuation..."

During times of transition, many of us seek strong, positive, wise, and vital role models of aging: hence, the need to study the “Wise Old Woman”/Crone archetype. These universal patterns and models of behavior can be found from ancient times up to today: within our stories, myths, and legends; our sacred texts; arts, artifacts, and culture. Conscious awareness of this archetype can assist in accessing inner wisdom, power, and creativity.

Together we will identify the wise crone and awaken her presence in narrative, sound, imagery, and imagination. She will be distinguished from Jung’s “wise old man” archetype. We’ll contrast this depiction against stereotypical representations of old women occurring in the over culture. We’ll also ponder the role of older women in stories and contemporary life. We’ll explore the insights of Jung, Von Franz, and other psychologists for help in uncovering her collective and personal meaning. Finally, we’ll discover how engaging with the wise old woman archetype can guide us toward our own individuation during the second half of life.

This course will include guided imagery, discussion, storytelling, and reflection. It will provide you with ideas for continuing this work long after you complete this course.

What you will learn

>> The process of actively engaging your inner life through imagination, creative play, and ritual.

How to identify the wise old woman/crone archetype in all her many expressions.

>> What the archetype’s dual nature seeks to awaken within us both in light and in shadow.

>> Understand how culture shapes the aging process and how this archetype can assist us in the second half of life.

>> Psychological concepts and theories from Jung, Von Franz, and others who explore aging, this archetype, and individuation.

Kathy Shimpock

Kathy Shimpock is a transpersonal practitioner, artist, and storyteller. She came to the holistic field through a career in law, working in both the academic and private sectors for over 30 years.

At mid-life, Kathy shifted gears and created a new life. She acquired an MA in Celtic Studies and several holistic certifications. She now teaches the art of storytelling at South Mountain Community College's Storytelling Institute and hypnosis at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Kathy explores the wise old woman archetype at her "Wise Crone Cottage" blog and podcast. She is also an approved facilitator for SoulCollage and IONS Conscious Aging.

Who Is It for

>> Those who want to live an interesting and fulfilling life.
>> Women and men entering the second part of life.
>> People seeking positive roles for aging.
>> Anyone interested in archetypes and Jungian psychology.

Course Curriculum

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  SECTION ONE: Women and Aging in Life and Stories
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  SECTION TWO: Identifying the Wise Old Woman Archetype
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  SECTION THREE: The Wise Crone in Stories
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  SECTION FOUR: Psychological Theories about Aging
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  SECTION FIVE: Inner Work, Mining for Wisdom
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  SECTION SIX: Embracing the Wise Old Woman Archetype
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  Final Thoughts
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What do people have to say


"Kathy’s gift of storytelling makes everything so very interesting."

I walked away with a fresh perspective, more inspired and eager to make the most of what's next!


"The archetype of the wise old woman has become a constant guide on my life’s journey."

Kathy has been a teacher and inspiration to me on so many levels. As a spiritual Coach, I include much of what I learned while studying with Kathy. Her knowledge of intricate lessons in her stories resonates in simple yet profound ways.

What you will get

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better by reading than by listening or watching.

How the transcripts are helpful

We put a lot of love and effort into creating transcripts for you. The transcript makes it easier to integrate new concepts.
You can also go back and double-check the quotes and names that are mentioned.
Having the transcripts allows you to quickly add your notes of the ideas rather than transcribing the whole lesson.
Some people simply learn better by reading than by listening or watching.


When does the course start and finish?
Once you've enrolled, you have lifetime access to the course. Work at your own pace—there is no deadline to finish.

How long do we have access to the course?
You will have lifetime access to the course.

Will we get access to the full course all at once?
Yes. Additional bonus modules and handouts may be added over time, but all of the course lessons are available upon enrollment.

What equipment/tools will we need to complete the course?
Access to a computer, an email account, and an eager and open mind! Additionally, we ask you to be curious and willing to play.

What do we do if we need help?
If you need help with something related to the course, please contact [email protected]. Thanks!


Embracing the Wise Old Woman Archetype course is a treasure chest.

We are grateful to Kathy Shimpock for creating this unique course for SoulAtPlay community. It's full of stories, tales, rituals, and psychological concepts from Jung, Von Franz, and others.

Join this course and you'll never look at your wrinkles the same way again! Kathy's loving guidance will make you authentically beautiful.


“I feel less stress about the aging process.”

The more I am exposed to the Wise Crone archetype, the less stress I feel about the aging process. Kathy helps me lean into change by being a positive role model for aging.


“You walk away with something tailor-made for you.”

Kathy Shimpock can take you on a journey better than any Jungian Hero, and you walk away with something tailor-made for you. This is a brilliant woman who makes sure everyone has their version of her experience organically. Many people wouldn’t do what they do today without her.

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